2-hour delivery, made damn easy

eDelivery offers an AI-powered last-mile delivery solution for retailers, providing customers with a '2-hour delivery' option at checkout from just $8.95.

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How It Works

Last mile logistics has never been easier!

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Customer Orders Online

+ Customer selects their order from your online marketplace, then selects the eDelivery option at checkout

Retailer Fulfilment Process

+ Order is received by the closest store with items in stock

+ Retailer picks, packs and labels the order ready for collection

+ Retailer has access to real-time fleet tracking and powerful data analytics

Driver Collects Parcel

+ Package is collected by our eDelivery drivers

+ An advanced AI-powered routing system ensures timely delivery through shortest path mapping & timing priority sequence

Customer receives order

+ Order is received within 2 hours

+ Customer receives automatic notification updates and accurate ETAs & real-time driver tracking

+ Proof-of-delivery is sent to the retailer

+ Customer sends delivery feedback

A Crowdsourced Driver Network supported by…

Compliance Systems

Drivers undergo a thorough selection process, including police background checks and verification of driving records, before being accepted into the network.

Quality Control Parameters

Drivers are monitored through our proprietary quality assurance technology which includes real-time tracking, performance analytics, and customer feedback. With a strict code of conduct and a “one-strike” policy.

Cutting-edge Mapping Technology

Our proprietary technology employs the shortest path mapping and timing priority sequence to guarantee timely deliveries within specified timeframes.

A Large Network of Vetted Drivers

In preparation for launch a database of 2,500 drivers have already been established.

The Driver Platform

A huge network of ready to go drivers
Drivers undergo a thorough selection process and performance is tracked.

Live tracking, proof of delivery & data analytics
Proprietary quality assurance technology which includes real-time tracking, performance analytics, and customer feedback.

AI-powered automation
Efficient scheduling system to ensure the order is delivered safely, securely and on time, utilising correct vehicle type.

Customisable dashboard
Allows retailers to manage orders, communicate with customers and control their deliveries.

Automated communications
With customers to ensure they know when to expect their package and how to collect.

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eDelivery’s online dashboard offers complete control of user capabilities making managing the stores and business seamless!



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Marketplace Integration

API integration with any existing or bespoke digital marketplace platforms.

Our digital platform seamlessly integrates with established online marketplace software, like Shopify.

We guarantee that retailers can uphold their existing digital framework without necessitating any alterations, ensuring a consistent experience for both customers and management.

Moreover, our platform offers a comprehensive training solution for your staff, ensuring efficient management practices.

Become an eDelivery Driver!

Join the ‘Private Driver Network’ within your area delivering parcels and earn up to $50+ per hour!

A simple accreditation process, smart phone, vehicle/van or motorbike/scooter and being enthusiastic!

Our App technology will then guide you through the pickup and delivery process.

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